Take advantage of the well trusted benefits
with the power of nature.

Take advantage of the
well trusted benefits
with the power of nature.

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This page deals completely value-free with the various possibilities and information how to use a cold chamber useful. Then you will find all the applications and advantages of a cold chamber.

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Why cold chamber?

Whole body cryotherapy is considered one of the most effective physical therapy options.

It involves exposing the entire body, for a short period of time, to a very low temperature. This is to induce reactions of the body to the cold, which are beneficial in the treatment of many diseases. A relaxing experience special feeling of well-being, energizing, ideal for sports, wellness and beauty. Whether clinic, doctor, practice, health resort, top wellness hotel or sports and performance center: This emerging megatrend provides you with customers from your regional environment! Through the new health and effect advantages of the cold chamber you get a unique selling proposition!

Long / Post Covid

Long/Post-Covid führt zu einer Vielzahl an Symptomen. Oftmals fühlen sich Erkrankte abgeschlagen und erschöpft. Zudem werden von diversen Schmerzen, wie zum Beispiel Kopf-, Glieder-und Muskelschmerzen berichtet. Es wird geschätzt, dass bis zu 30% der COVID-19-Patienten langfristige Symptome haben, die sich nach der Genesung aus der akuten Erkrankung fortsetzen.
Dies kann die Lebensqualität der Betroffenen erheblich beeinträchtigen und auch zu beruflichen Einschränkungen führen.

Dadurch, dass Long/Post-Covid ein relativ neues Krankheitsbild ist, gibt es nur eine geringe Anzahl an wissenschaftlichen Studien. Eine sehr interessante Studie wurde von der Universitätsklinik Reims durchgeführt, in der insgesamt 45 Long-Covid-Patienten teilgenommen haben. 15 von ihnen haben die Kältekammer an zwei aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen, weitere 15 von ihnen an fünf aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen genutzt. Die Kontrollgruppe hatte ebenfalls 15 Personen und wurde nicht in der Kältekammer behandelt. 28 der 30 behandelten Personen berichteten nach der Behandlung in der Kältekammer von einer Verbesserung des Geruchssinns. Bei den Personen der Kontrollgruppe wurden hingegen keine Verbesserungen beobachtet.

Health benefits of the cold chamber at a glance

The benefits are proven by international studies several times!

Joint and spine diseases

Effective treatment of joint complaints such as arthritis, arthrosis or rheumatic diseases

Faster regeneration

Performance enhancing even in elite sports, also effective for sports injuries.

Reduces stress

Extremely helpful for physically and mentally overtired adults.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Just 3 minutes of regular use at -110°C helps even with chronic pain conditions.

Sleep disorders and depression

Short sessions in the cold chamber cause a significant improvement in falling asleep as well as mental complaints

Anti-Aging Effect

Regular sessions in the cold chamber have the effect of slowing down the aging process.

How does a session in the cold chamber feel?

The cold in general triggers the release of adrenaline and the happiness hormone topamine as well as corticoids for regeneration. The cold chamber is ideal for old and young this refreshment is like ice bathing in nature, but the dry cold feels more pleasant.

Already after the first application users feel different, better, more comfortable a real mood lifter in times like these. One comes out of the cold chamber and feels as if reborn – an indescribable tingling sensation on the skin, a feeling of warmth and a wonderful relaxation are noticeable afterwards.

The whole-body cold therapy has far-reaching positive effects on body, mind and soul can be used, among others, for:


medicine & pain therapy

-arthritides (rheumatoid, chronic juvenile, reactive, RsA, spondylitis)
-joint changes due to metabolic disorders – gout
-chronic cervical spine inflammation
-painful frozen shoulder
-periarthritis of tendons, joint capsules and muscles
-fibromyalgia (rheumatoid diseases of soft tissues)
-dislocation and sprain of joints
-damage to the kneecap
-tendon and muscle strains
-combating chronic and pathological pain
-combating reflex and central muscle spasticity in the neurological rehabilitation process
-acute and old sports-related and postoperative injuries

as well as in wellness treatments

-in physically and psychologically overtired adults
-helps to fight overweight and cellulite
-for regeneration of problem skin
-anti-aging effect
-also popular with top athletes as an energy kick or for regeneration

Which method is the best?

Recently, the cold chamber with electric compressor has proven itself, whereby no additional nitrogen is needed. This allows you to enjoy your cold therapy in pure air and with full freedom of sight and movement.

Here, your entire body benefits 100% from the cold, not just in the lower extremities. In addition, this is the most cost-effective option for cryotherapy. "Ice saunas or cryo-saunas" that cool with liquid nitrogen are considered outdated for cryotherapy and unsuitable for whole body cryotherapy. Only electrically operated cold chambers are suitable for this purpose.

Nitrogen-powered ice saunas can reach temperatures below 160° Celsius. Although they cool quickly, they require a continuous supply of nitrogen to function. In the long run, this becomes very costly. There are also safety concerns, such as leaks. Nitrogen can displace the breathing air in an ice sauna, so the head must remain outside the chamber. There are several major drawbacks to using this method. The face and head are the most sensitive to the cold stimulus. This is where most of the body's thermoreceptors are located. The body reacts to temperature changes and transmits this information to the brain.

Whole-body cryotherapy (GKKT) is most effective when electric cooling is used. In this case, cooling units filter the air via compressors and generate up to -110 ° Celsius - similar to a refrigerator, but infinitely more powerful.

In the chambers you include the entire body in the application. The head in particular is important. That's where 70 percent of all thermoreceptors are located. They signal to the brain, "Attention, extreme cold, react immediately with protective measures!" Therefore, you should definitely include the head in your cryotherapy.

Exciting book and video recommendations

It strengthens our immune system, can freeze away pain, save lives and even make us happy. Cold temperatures are essential for our health.

Whole-body cold medicine at minus 110°C Celsius is the new health megatrend in the fields of "medicine, sports and beauty". Thanks to innovative technologies, the healing power of millennia-old cold applications has increased enormously. 

This spectacular therapy opens up new fantastic possibilities in all areas of health; it is a fresh opportunity for holistic healing and for strengthening the immune system - especially in times of crisis!

The authors show how the self-healing powers can now be activated and how the positive effects of short-term physical therapy with long-term effects are causing more and more physicians to be visibly amazed. And
why, thanks to increasing digitalization, growing clinical experience and scientific studies, new healing effects of whole body Cold Medicine are discovered almost daily.

Wolf-Dietrich v. Bessing, MD, is Medical Scientific Director of the Innsbruck Metabolic Institute and Head of the Austria West Competence Center for Whole Body Refrigeration.
He also manages the specialist elective doctor's surgery in the DEZ
Innsbruck. His specialties are Preventive and Regenerative Integrative Health Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and Health Management....

Ingomar W. Schwelz, born in Graz in 1953, is a journalist, freelance author and editor-in-chief of the reportage and feature agency RuF, a journalistic community for topics from the wellness, lifestyle and health sector.

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